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Photo: Chris Reeves - Bar Harbor, Maine


Chris Reeves is a science and environmental writer based in New England. His writing explores our interdependent relationship with nature and the people who study it.


Chris draws upon experience in marine ecology and environmental education to deliver unique perspectives on the ways that we are connected with our world, especially with the ocean. Chris earned a B.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and an M.A. in Science Writing from Johns Hopkins University. He spends as much time as possible in, on, and around the ocean, sailing, swimming, diving, teaching, and just plain messing about in boats.


In his free time, Chris gives public talks and workshops about plastic pollution, marine science, and science communication. He is an Odd Salon Fellow and serves as the Media/Outreach Chair for the New England-based Northwest Atlantic Seal Research Consortium.


When he’s not writing or talking to strangers about science, Chris works as a professional sailor, primarily along the U.S. east coast. He writes to support his sailing habit, and vice versa, depending on the time of year.

Photo: Chris Reeves - Koh Samui, Thailand


An endangered North Atlantic right whale is composted after an animal autopsy.

Talking to Strangers



...for fun and profit
(mostly just for fun)
Talking to strangers about sexual selection in 2014, at Odd Salon: Evolve

Speaking at Odd Salon: Evolve, May 13, 2014

TEDx Newport, RI – November 5, 2016

Plastic Pollution Needs Bigger Solutions



Odd Salon - Expert talks on odd topics; odd talks on everything else


So, You Live With a Dolphin?, How weird can it really get when a woman tries to teach her dolphin roommate to speak English?

 September 12, 2018 


Poor Man's Guide to Evolution: Alfred Russel Wallace, How a poor badass naturalist independently discovered the theory of evolution by natural selection

September 4, 2018


Science Vs. Ectoplasm: Your Orifices Aren’t Haunted, Ghost-goo in séances is a fraudulent use of regurgitated cheesecloth

– October 17, 2017


Let Slip the Sparkles of War, How glowing sea creatures may have pushed the U.S. into the Vietnam War

– December 15, 2015


Sea Otters: Adorable Antiheroes, California sea otters are horrible animals that help fight climate change

– October 6, 2015


Sexual Selection, Sex drives the creation of evolutionary oddities like birds of paradise, stalk-eyed flies, and David Hasselhoff

– May 13, 2014



Northwest Atlantic Seal Research Consortium biennial meeting – May 2, 2015

Addressing perception vs reality: how data (or lack of data) affects public perceptions and management decisions – Panelist, Salem, MA


Society for Marine Mammalogy biennial meeting – December 13, 2015

Career-Life Balance and How to Make a Successful Career in Marine Mammal Science – Panelist, San Francisco, CA


Photo: Chris Reeves - Washington DC

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